Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the vehicles insured?
A. Yes, all our vehicles have comprehensive insurance with ‘Vehicle Hire Insurance’.
Be aware that some multi national car rental companies do not insure their vehicles, but we do!

Q: What am I responsible for as a renter?
A. From the time you collect your vehicle you and your nominated driver (as per your rental agreement), are financially responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle. This includes damage caused outside of your control including storm damage and hail.

Q. What does the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) reduce my liability too?
A. The CDW reduces your liability from $5000 to $1000. Unfortunately our insurance policy doesn't allow the liability to be reduced any lower than $1000.

Q. Does the CDW cover me for all accidents?
A. There are a few instances that you may not be covered. Some examples include; water submersion, over head damage, major under body damage or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Our insurance company will deem what is and isn't covered as per our policy.

Q. Do we deliver vehicles?
A. We deliver to customers in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania (plus the ferry fee) and Perth for hires of 28 days or longer. Hires in the Northern Territory and all other parts of Western Australia are a minimum of 3 months hire.

Q. Can I have additional drivers?
A. Multiple drivers are allowed in accordance with our Terms and Conditions for business use only.

Q. I am under 21 years old. Can I drive the vehicle?
A. Unfortunately any person under the age of 21 is not covered by our insurance and cannot drive the vehicles.

Q. I'm over 21 but I am still on P plates. Can I drive the vehicle?
A. No, unfortunately all drivers must hold a Full Licence. No one with a Probationary Licence can drive our vehicles.

Q. What licence do I need too have to drive a mini bus?
A. It all depends on vehicle seating capacity. The 8 and 12 seater mini buses only require a normal drivers licence.
In Victoria, to drive any vehicle that seats more than 12 people including the driver, you must hold at least a Light Rigid endorsed licence. Please check your own states licencing laws.

Q. Can any of the vehicles tow? And what are their limits?
A. Most of our vehicles have towbars, including the 12 and 21 seater buses. The only vehicles that don't have towbars are the Toyota Kluger 7 Seaters, Kia Carnival 8 Seaters, Toyota Rav4's, and Furniture Trucks. The towing capacity for each vehicle is dependent on the towbar rating, and we can supply electric brake systems for a fee when asked.

Q. What type of fuel do the vehicles take?
A. Most of our vehicles are Diesel, but please check your vehicle before filling up.

Q. Do the vehicles have air conditioners and CD players?
A. Yes all of our vehicles have air conditioners and CD player.

Q. Do the vehicles have seatbelts?
A. Yes all of our vehicles have seatbelts.

Q. Do all the vehicles have child restraints?
A. No. There are only 6 vehicles available with child restraints. The 78 series Land Cruiser Wagon, 7, 8 and 12 Seaters each have three restraints. The Toyota Rav4 has two restraints available. The 100 series Land Cruiser Wagon and Land Cruiser Troop Carrier are fitted with just one.
All other vehicles cannot be fitted with restraints.

Q. Can I smoke in a hire vehicle?
A. Government regulations do not permit smoking in any of the hire vehicles. A $200 fine if found smoking inside the vehicle applies. We also enforce a $100 cleaning fine.

Q. Do we need to bring back the vehicles clean?
A. We ask all customers to return the vehicles in a clean state free of any bottles and rubbish. Cleaning fees will apply if vehicle has been smoked in or has been returned in an unacceptable state. Vehicles do not have to be washed on the outside.


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